The Sunflower Adventure

By: JLPR2, 1. kesäkuuta 2010 klo 06:26 (GMT)

Yep, new account, sorry about that, I had been planning on doing the move to this account for awhile. (some minor and annoying bugs and problems with my other account) ¬¬Well here we go, a new blog, just for sunflowers. ^^After some failed attempts the first sunflowers finally germinated and they are growing faster than what I thought they would. So the photos begin. :D- Updates will be posted as the sunflowers grow. -5/5/2010 - Sunflower seeds are now planted.5/1...

Updated: 14. tammikuuta 2012 klo 04:19 (GMT)

2008 Hurricane Season Contest

By: JLPR2, 17. heinäkuuta 2008 klo 23:12 (GMT)

Well we are in the 2008 Hurricane Season, Do you want to test your predicting ability? Well come and add your predictions to this contest and lets see how you do. =) The details are below. - Contest 1st part: How many storms will form in the Atlantic 2008 Hurricane season? - Contest 2nd part: Which are the top 5 most in danger places of getting hit by a tropical cyclone this year?(Closed) Due June 31st-Rules & Details- 1st part-Give the amount of storms you think wi...

Updated: 24. heinäkuuta 2008 klo 23:46 (GMT)

2nd part of the Contest =)

By: JLPR2, 30. toukokuuta 2008 klo 00:50 (GMT)

2nd part of the contest Blog:This contest is until June 30, 2008.Gohere for The first part of the contest.-Rules & Details- 2nd part-Select five of the 13 areas that I give you as options.-You will get a point for each of the areas that are most affected by tropical cyclones this year that are included in your list.-This contest doesn't affect your chances of winning the first contest =).-Select between:1.The Leeward islands2.The Windward islands3.Puerto Rico, Domin...

Beaches =)

By: JLPR2, 16. maaliskuuta 2008 klo 02:45 (GMT)

Well spring is close, very close well I am already thinking about summer lol =D.Since the Puerto Rico blog was getting to long I created this new one with beach pictures you guys that are still in winter's grip may enjoy this =D.Thank you for stopping byAll comments and opinions welcomedtake care,JL

Updated: 21. maaliskuuta 2008 klo 22:34 (GMT)

Puerto Rico Gallery =D

By: JLPR2, 2. helmikuuta 2008 klo 18:39 (GMT)

Well I am Jesus(JLPR) and I live in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I have this extra account in case something happens to my original one =). I have decided to create this blog showing the beauty of my island. I will be searching in WU for Puerto Rico pictures and will be adding to this blog . =DAnyone that wants to comment and say Hi, you can do it! =DTake care and thank you for watching this blog =)let the sharing begin =DJL

Updated: 12. maaliskuuta 2008 klo 20:15 (GMT)

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