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Statement as of 9:12 am MDT on April 24, 2014

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...This is severe weather awareness week in Wyoming...

The week of April 21 to April 25 has been designated severe weather awareness week in Wyoming. Today we will discuss lightning safety... and ways to receive National Weather Service (nws) products and services.


There have been 5 lightning deaths and 62 injuries since 2000 in Wyoming. Lightning is ranked first in severe weather related fatalities and injuries in Wyoming from 2000 to present.

Lightning...by definition...occurs with every thunderstorm. Thunderstorms typically impact the cowboy state from April through October peaking in late Spring into early Summer...with a secondary peak during the monsoon in August. Lightning is one of the deadliest weather phenomenon. Most lightning fatalities and injuries in Wyoming occur in the mountains...but anywhere outside is vulnerable to lightning.

Lightning safety begins with knowing the weather forecast and watching for approaching storms. If thunderstorms are imminent...postpone outdoor activities until the thunderstorms pass. This is your best way to avoid being caught in a dangerous situation. However if you are outside and hear thunder...seek shelter immediately in a sturdy building. If a sturdy building is not available...take shelter in a hard topped vehicle. Do not seek shelter in small sheds...under isolated trees or in a soft topped convertible automobile. If caught outdoors and no shelter is nearby...find a low spot away from trees...fences and poles. If you are boating...get to land and find shelter immediately. When thunder roars...go indoors!

Additional information about lightning can be found at www.Lightningsafety.NOAA.Gov

Rob Cox science and operations officer National Weather Service Cheyenne WY weather.Gov/Cheyenne

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